Urban Planning

Land Use Plan of Lubango (PDL)
The Land Use Plan of Lubango intended to establish effective control over illegal settlement in the city, phenomenon which intensified during the latest decades, and also to create a strategic and operational development model to support decision and territorial management. + MORE

Land Use Plan of Ondjiva (PUCO)
The destruction derived from the conflicts, the huge influx of population to the city and the consequent illegal urban settlements, left in the post 2002 a precarious scenario that justified the Urban Land Use Plan of Ondjiva.

The Urban Land Use Plan had another central concern, related to its geographic situation. Included in the Cuvelai basin, which also covers the northern Namibia, Ondjiva fights with periodic floods during the rainy season, called for "Efundjia”, that impose strong restrictions on human activities and therefore to Urban Expansion, demanding an accurate recognition of flooded areas margins and the definition of environmental restrictions. + MORE

Land Use Plan of Namacunde (PUN)
Located on National Road 120, Namacunde has considerable growth potential associated with the connection to Namibia and Huila, which is strengthened by its administrative role.

The Plan´s main objectives was the planning of urban Growth, the improvement of the existing urban centre, as well as responding to the industrial and logistic demand associated with regional circulation in the National Road 120. + MORE

Land Use Plan of Cahama (PUC)
Like in Namacunde the objectives for the land Use Plan of Cahama were the control of illegal construction, the planning out urban growth, the creation of circulation alternatives to redraw regional traffic from the village center, and the protection of the environmental issues within the Urban Perimeter, in this case associated with the river Caculuvar. + MORE

Land Use Plan of Xangongo
Xangongo is the administrative center of Ombadja Municipality and second major town in Cunene Province, occupying a privileged position in the provincial main road - the National Road 105.

Located on the left margin of the Cunene River and in the center of the province, Xangongo is one major junction in the provincial circulation system, linking the Northern and Southern Cunene, and justifying its development as an Industrial and logistics center. Its administrative roll over great extent of the Cunene River course increase the local opportunities considering that agriculture, livestock breading and tourism can easily be developed. + MORE