Regional Planning

SUB is part of a SINFIC multidisciplinary team dedicated to Regional Development Studies, undertaking studies in the following areas:
-- Built Heritage;
-- Regional Urban Systems;
-- Analysis of Urban Settlements;
-- Accessibility and transportation.

Regional Development Plan of Namibe (PDIN)
The Provincial Development Plan provides strategies to reduce the peripheral situation of Namibe, trough the diversification of economic activities and the strengthening of referential sectors as fishing and related industry, harbor activities in the city of Namibe and finally tourism, considering as key aspects the sea and nature reserves like the Iona National Park and the Namib Desert. + MORE

Regional Development Plan of Huíla (PDH)
The plan was developed to review the Huíla Development Plan from 1998, considering the new political and economic reality in Angola.

The plan aimed, thus updating the earlier version, to a more comprehensive approach to the reality in Huila, and the definition of new guidelines in the light of the strong growth rates and the national reconstruction effort. + MORE