Founded in 2008, SUB Soluções Urbanas was created
to promote a specialized approach to the Development, Planning and Design of Urban environments. We have gathered significant experience since 2003 in Angola, where
we participated in some of the first strategic and physical plans of the recent reconstruction phase the country is facing. The Regional Development Plans of Namibe and Huila Provinces and the Land Use Plans for the cities of Lubango and Ondjiva are among the relevant work. We also played an important role as consultants for the local Provincial Governments regarding territorial management and planning issues.

Our multidisciplinary structure is set to deliver context oriented, sustainable planning
and design solutions, where a close relationship with the client and with local community's stakeholders is regarded as determinant.

Our activities cover the following areas:

-- Land use planning;
-- Site planning;
-- Land use regulation;
-- Master planning;
-- Housing and community development;
-- Heritage analysis;
-- Regional urban systems analyses;
-- Circulation and Accessibility analyses;