PDL, PUCO and PUN Update

From 2008
Ministério do Urbanismo e Habitação (Angola)

The Update of PDL, PUCO and PUN is part of a Ministry of Urbanism and Housing (MINUHA) program that aims to implement territorial planning instruments at national level in Angola. In this particular case the objective was to reconcile the existing instruments with the recent changes in the legal frame work of Territorial Planning and its update according to the recent transformation occurred in these Towns.

Update of the Land Use Plan of Lubango
The exponential growth of the urban population and slum areas that took place during the last years in Lubango came as decisive factors for an early review of the PDL (Land Use Plan of Lubango) where a more comprehensive model was demanded.
The review should include new strategic projects for the city such as the ones associated with the CAN 2010, the Ondjiweto and Civil House housing projects, the housing development in the state reserves and the use of the railway corridor to implement urban transportation.

Update of the Land Use Plan of Ondjiva
The review of the Ondjiva Land Use Plan was justified simultaneously by the fast increase of urban population and by the unmanageable settlements that erupted in surrounding areas. Significant dwellings were built along foldable areas (Chanas) imposing immediate regeneration and resettlements actions that should be considered in the cities land use plan.

Update of the Land Use Plan of Namacunde
The Village of Namacunde experienced little changes since the conclusion of the Land Use Plan (PUN), being the update related mainly with the compliance with changes in the legal framework of territorial planning and the inclusion of state reserves established by National Housing Program.